Printing Services

We offer printing, photocopying, laminating and binding services for any of your documents. Whether it's your college thesis or dissertation, your Leaving Cert portfolios, or your Junior Cert projects, we have you covered!

Email us your documents here along with the service you want and your name and we can have them ready for pickup at a time that suits you!

Our opening hours for our printing services are 8am – 5pm

zoomed in picture of a white and green printer

Printing and Photocopying

A4 Black & White
Up to 50 sheets = 15c per sheet
Over 50 sheets = 10c per sheet

A4 Colour
50c per sheet

A3 Black & White
Up to 50 sheets = 30c per sheet
Over 50 sheets = 20c per sheet

A3 Colour
€1 per sheet

  Scan & Email
  €1.00 for the first sheet and 30c for every sheet after

Laminating and Binding

A4 = €2 per sheet
A3 = €3 per sheet

Small document (less than 10 sheets) = €2
Larger documents = €3