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Manna Drone Coffee Morning

On July 10th from 10 AM-2 PM, Manna Drone Delivery partnered up with Brazco Coffee Academy, Thomas & Co, PoppySeed Gourmet Cafes, and Delice Bakery and Coffee Shop in Oranmore for a very successful coffee morning.

Manna Drone Delivery has been loving and appreciating all the support Oranmore has shown them so they wanted to give back to our community. They decided to run a coffee morning in aid of the playground in Oranmore. The TOTAL prices of the coffee bought were MATCHED by Manna Delivery Drones and donated to our community. The money will be put towards the improvement of our playground including new playground benches in Oranmore.

A truly incredible gesture showed by Manna Drone Delivery caring for the children of our town. Manna Drone Delivery with their exciting vision for Oranmore has opened up a new world of possibility for local cafes and other local businesses. These are exciting times and we look forward to working with Manna Drone Delivery in the future.