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Oranmore Playground Redevelopment

Redeveloping the playground in Oranmore Village was always a project that The Oranmore Development Association had wanted to undertake. When funding became available through the Community Recognition Fund last year we filled out all the necessary paperwork and eagerly awaited to see if we qualified to receive the funding for this project.

We were notified we were successful with our application and had qualified for the funding we were absolutely delighted and very excited to get the redevelopment project underway. We began the tendering process for the project and chose to work with Murphy Playground Services – Repair & Spares, a local, Oranmore based company. Once the plans had been drawn up and approved, we closed the playground to the public and the redevelopment got underway.

As the building work for the playground progressed we couldn’t help but notice all the very excited children from the area, who as well as us, were watching the progress closely, eagerly awaiting the brand new playground to open.

Once the building works had been completed, the new playground needed to be assessed to make sure it was fully ready to be opened to the public. The playground passed the assessment and we were ready to open the playground!

Since opening the brand-new playground, we have seen a large increase in the usage of the playground since it opened and we were very happy to hear nothing but positive feedback from the parents of the children who use the playground.

We would like to thank Murphy Playground Services – Repairs & Spares for their hard work in bringing our vision to life. We would also like to thank The Department of Rural and Community Development for the funding we received to carry out this project.