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Community Support Schemes 2022

The Galway County Council are providing financial support to Community and Voluntary Groups and Organisations. They are providing funding under three schemes: 

  1. Economic Development Support Scheme: This scheme will support community-based tourism such as festivals and participative events, and economic development inititivaes which supports local economic activity or creating new business opportunities. 
  2. Community Development Support Scheme: This scheme will fund the improvement of community facilities, Tidy Towns and Amenity projects and Social Inclusion activities. 
  3. Cultural Development Support Scheme:Funding from this scheme will provide financial assistance for  organisations that carry out an arts activity or project within the community, Heritage grants, and Activites that promote the Irish Language. 

The closing date for applications is Friday 4th February.

We urge anyone that is a member of any Community and Voluntary Groups in Oranmore to get in contact with the OCDA if you have any ideas or suggestions on how the funding can help your organisation. You can contact us through our Facebook Page or you can fill out this contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Full details can be found on the Galway County Council website here.